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Meet Mitch and Jen Prensky, Restaurateurs and Caterers

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25 years, 25 stories

As Philly-based restaurateurs and caterers, Mitch and Jen Prensky have spent their 20-plus-year careers creating community around the dinner table. They've collaborated with The Food Trust on a number of initiatives over the years, from introducing Night Market Philadelphia crowds to their beloved Scratch Biscuits creations to donating their time and talents to The Food Trust's annual farmers market fundraisers. 

Jen fondly recalls her time chatting with farmers market attendees: “Farmers markets are so great because they’re also an educational opportunity,” she says. “People come and they get to be face-to-face with the farmers. They get to ask questions and see things they might not normally see on their supermarket shelves.”

It’s this passion for food-as-community -- introducing good, quality meals to folks who may not have otherwise had that exposure -- that drives Jen and Mitch in everything they do, from previous ventures like Scratch Biscuits and Supper restaurant to their new catering endeavors at Schulson Catering and Bon Appetit Management at University of Pennsylvania, respectively. 

Celebrating this joy of food is a mission they care deeply about – and one they share with The Food Trust. For Mitch and Jen, working with The Food Trust is a way to give back to the city that supported their small businesses -- and to help teach people about healthy choices in a fun and tasty way. “The Food Trust is just so special to us," Jen says, "and we’re proud to have been part of their story.”

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