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Meet Priscilla, Rising 11th Grader, Girls' High

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25 years, 25 stories

Like most teenagers, Priscilla juggles a lot of roles and responsibilities in her life: She’s an honors student at Philadelphia High School for Girls in North Philadelphia. She’s a big sister, trying to be a good role model for her siblings. She’s also an athlete, spending most of her free time playing soccer, basketball and softball.

Because of all this, Priscilla is tuned in to why water is so important. “I drink water all day,” she says, “so I can stay hydrated so I won’t run out of stamina.”

Priscilla is also working hard to persuade her friends to drink water, too. Through The Food Trust’s HYPE (Healthy You. Positive Energy.) youth leadership program, Priscilla set up a “Water Wall of Fame” in her school cafeteria; any student drinking water can have their picture on the wall with H2O-loving celebrities. “You could see the difference in the school,” Priscilla says. “Everybody was drinking water instead of soda.”

Priscilla has even taken her campaign to City Hall, where she and her peers on the Get HYPE Philly! Youth Leadership Council advocated for fresh water access on a policy level. With support from Councilwoman Helen Gym and a commitment from School District of Philadelphia Superintendent Dr. William Hite, hydration stations are now planned for all city public schools, impacting 130,000 students.

At home, Priscilla has lobbied her own family to change their eating habits. Today, she’s proud to say, “There’s more water and no soda in my fridge.”

Learn how Priscilla and thousands of her peers create healthier communities through the Get HYPE Philly! youth leadership initiative. 

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