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online learning
The Food Trust's Online Learning Hub Our team of nutrition educators are proud to share their nutrition education lessons! Every two weeks, join us for new seasonal recipes and fun interactive lessons. There's something for everyone; from school-age to adults, you'll be introduced to topics such as building healthy
#HealthyECE Blog Series: Brown's Family Child Care Focuses on Fiber
Location: Franklin, PA Type: Home-based PA NAPSACC Focus area: Nutrition: Increasing children’s intake of fiber-rich foods Goals: Offering fruit that is fresh, frozen or canned in its own juice every time fruit is served Offering high-fiber, whole grain foods two times per day or more Offering vegetables (not including
Mayor of Houston, Texas launches Initiative focusing on increasing access to affordable, fresh and nutritious food
With high hopes of more to come, Mayor Annise Parker, Council Members Stephen Costello and Dwight Boykins, the Houston Redevelopment Authority (HRA) and others broke ground on the first project to target a Houston food desert. With financial assistance from the city, Pyburn’s owner John Vuong is building a
Michelle Obama Welcome Letter for the 5th Annual National Convening on Healthy Food Access
On May 4 and 5, The Food Trust, along with partners PolicyLink and Reinvestment Fund, co-hosted the fifth annual National Convening on Healthy Food Access in Washington, D.C. The two-day conference brought together over 150 stakeholders, including grantees of the federal Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI), representatives from the
A Statement on the "Public Charge" Rule
As we give thanks and celebrate ties of friendship and family this holiday season, we are reminded that no one should have to choose between family and food. As you may know, the Trump administration recently proposed a "public charge" rule — now posted for public comment here —
Yael Lehmann's Statement on the Passing of the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax
Executive director Yael lehmann's public statement The Philadelphia soda tax will not only be a means to pay for universal pre-K, an investment in our children which could help lift an entire generation out of poverty, but is also part of a comprehensive strategy to curb the consumption of
Perspectives of Urban Corner Store Owners and Managers on Community Health Problems and Solutions
Article co-authored by The Food Trust, published in Preventing Chronic Disease: Urban corner store interventions have been implemented to improve access to and promote purchase of healthy foods. However, the perspectives of store owners and managers, who deliver and shape these interventions in collaboration with nonprofit, government, and academic
The House Farm Bill Falls Short on Supporting Farmers, Protecting the Nation's Health and Preventing Hunger
​Congress needs to go back to the drawing board and produce a bipartisan Farm Bill that creates jobs, supports farmers, improves health and ensures that no one in America goes hungry. Taking food away from families as punishment for not being able to find a job in this economy
New report released on healthy food access and why it matters
Access to Healthy Food and Why It Matters:
The Food Trust's Statement on Charlottesville
The Food Trust was founded 25 years ago with the mission “to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food and information to make healthy decisions.” The word “everyone” is important because we as an organization are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and justice. The Food Trust

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