Everyone Deserves Access to Healthy, Affordable Food

Nearly 30 million Americans live in communities without access to healthy, affordable food. See their stories and their efforts to improve food access in communities from New York to New Orleans in the videos below.

Everyone deserves access to healthy food. Find out how you can get involved.

Everyone Deserves Access

"We know that a lot of things contribute to poor nutrition and obesity but access is a key issue," says Dr. Giridhar Mallya of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. "People don't have the ability to get healthy foods in their community at an affordable price. That makes it that much harder for them to be healthy overall." See how The Food Trust and its partners are improving food access and health in Philadelphia and around the country.

The Circle Food Store Story

"We didn't know what this store mean to the community before Katrina, and I don't think the community knew what the store meant to them," Circle Food Store owner Dwayne Boudreaux says of New Orleans's Seventh Ward. See how Boudreaux and the New Orleans community worked together to rebuild Circle Food Store.

The MyTown Story

"Food is a necessity. It's not a luxury. You know, it's not a want. You need food," Albert Rodriguez, owner of MyTown Marketplace. "Any community, I think, needs a grocery store." See how Rodriguez  worked with New York state to bring MyTown Marketplace in Highland Falls.

The Lower Ninth Ward Story

"We need something more convenient, that we don't have to travel so far to get healthier foods," says Courtney Clark, who lives in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward with her two young children. "We need somebody to crack that shell, put a business down here. I feel like once that happens, everybody else will start to follow."

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