Healthy Food Financing in Massachusetts

A Plan to Improve Health and Economic Vitality in Massachusetts.

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Food for Every Child: A Plan to Improve Health and Economic Vitality in Massachusetts

This condensed report by The Food Trust outlines the need for more supermarkets in Massachusetts and provides an overview of the legislative response to the recommendations by the Massachusetts Grocery Access Task Force.

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Food for Every Child: The Need for More Supermarkets in Massachusetts

This report by The Food Trust documents the need for more healthy food retail in Massachusetts to ensure that all children and their families live in communities that have access to healthy and affordable food.

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Stimulating Grocery Development in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Grocery Access Task Force's policy recommendations include developing healthy, affordable food retail in underserved communities throughout Massachusetts.

For more information, contact Rebekah Gewirtz or Maddie Ribble at the Massachusetts Public Health Association by calling (857) 263-7072 or emailing or

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