The Center for Healthy Food Access

A national collaborative effort supporting healthy food access in underserved urban and rural communities


With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Food Trust leads the Center for Healthy Food Access, a national collaborative effort working to ensure that every child in the United States has access to nutritious, affordable food. Serving as a catalyst to share learning and test groundbreaking ideas, the Center is focusing on the following efforts:

  • Strengthening federal nutrition programs, including SNAP, WIC and SNAP-Ed.
  • Improving the food and water quality in schools.
  • Creating jobs and economic development by bringing grocery stores and other healthy food businesses to underserved areas.
  • Working with hospitals and healthcare systems to prevent diet-related disease in low-income communities.
  • Partnering with businesses to focus marketing efforts on healthier choices.
  • Expanding SNAP-incentive programs that provide support to make healthier food more affordable for those on food stamps.
  • Promoting the Healthy Food Access Portal so organizations and businesses can share successes with one another.
  • Providing $1 million in grants to 60 organizations across the country. 

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The Center for Healthy Food Access has worked with partners across the country over the past 18 months to increase access to and build demand for healthy food. In addition to building a community of practice for this work, a number of resources have been developed to inform the field. 

Resources produced by the Center include:

The Center has also supported the following funded partner pieces:

In partnership with additional groups across the country, The Food Trust has achieved further goals related to the Center for Healthy Food Access:

Over the past year, we also have seen significant growth in the development of state and local healthy food financing initiatives, including:


Through the Center, The Food Trust has partnered with a variety of local, state and national partners, ranging from grassroots nonprofits to business leaders and research universities. 

The Center for Healthy Food Access Partners


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