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The videos and webinars below, developed by The Food Trust and our partners, highlight our work to increase healthy food access, provide food education, strengthen local food businesses and more.

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Everyone Deserves Access

"We know that a lot of things contribute to poor nutrition and obesity but access is a key issue," says Dr. Giridhar Mallya of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. "People don't have the ability to get healthy foods in their community at an affordable price. That makes it that much harder for them to be healthy overall." See how The Food Trust and its partners are improving food access and health in Philadelphia and around the country.

Get HYPE Philly!

With Get HYPE Philly!, a three-year citywide initiative promoting positive youth development in Philadelphia, 50,000 young people led the way to make their communities healthier. These are their stories.

HYPE Middle School Summit with Chelsea Clinton

For The Food Trust's HYPE (Healthy You. Positive Energy.) Youth Leadership Summit at the Palestra on October 20, 2015, middle school HYPE councils from across the Philadelphia area gathered for an energizing day of student and professional performances, health-focused workshops and networking. Chelsea Clinton visited our summit as part of a multi-city tour to promote her new youth-focused book, It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!

Philadelphia Decreases Childhood Obesity: Learning to Eat Healthy

Philadelphia is making strong progress in the fight against childhood obesity. One important contributor to this success is the city's schools, where a variety of programs, including The Food Trust's school nutrition initiatives, are changing norms so that children make healthier food choices. Mayor Michael A. Nutter shares his perspective on progress made ... and work yet to be done.

Healthy Corner Store Network

The Food Trust, through the Healthy Corner Store Network, has partnered with over 600 stores in Philadelphia to help them introduce healthier foods and provide training on how to properly stock, display and sell healthy them.

Philly Corner Store; More Vegetables, Less Fat
From Associated Press

Corner stores across Philadelphia are promoting healthy choices for their customers, through education and marketing of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The stores are a critical source of food in neighborhoods without supermarkets.

Brianna Almaguer Sandoval: 2013 Growing Green Young Food Leader

2013 Growing Green Awards Winner: Young Food Leader -- At 30 years-old, Brianna Almaguer Sandoval has transformed hundreds of Philadelphia-area corner stores into oases of fresh, healthy foods for low-resourced communities. Leading The Food Trust's Healthy Corner Store Initiative, Brianna is forging a path-breaking new paradigm for corner stores, as she provides the education, tools, and financial support corner stores need to increase their availability of fresh fruits and vegetables. Under Brianna's direction, the program has flourished from 11 stores to the nation's largest corner store initiative with over 680 stores.

Jimmy Rollins gets HYPE with The Food Trust

Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins and his wife, Johari, visited a South Philadelphia middle school to get kids excited about healthy eating. The Rollins Family Foundation's generous donation supported The Food Trust's former youth leadership program, HYPE (Healthy You. Positive Energy.).

The Lower Ninth Ward Story

"We need something more convenient, that we don't have to travel so far to get healthier foods," says Courtney Clark, who lives in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward with her two young children. " We need somebody to crack that shell, put a business down here. I feel like once that happens, everybody else will start to follow."

The MyTown Story

"Food is a necessity. It's not a luxury. You know, it's not a want. You need food," Albert Rodriguez, owner of MyTown Marketplace. "Any community, I think, needs a grocery store." See how Rodriguez was able to bring MyTown Marketplace in Highland Falls, New York with help from the New York Healthy Food & Healthy Communities Fund, a partnership of the state of New York, the Low Income Investment Fund and The Food Trust.

Let's get HYPE!

The Food Trust's HYPE campaign (Healthy You. Positive Energy) supported middle and high school students in their efforts to make healthy choices and create healthier school environments. 

Harnessing the Power of Supermarkets to Help Reverse Childhood Obesity

"When we talk about the food gap in America, we're really talking about communities like North Philadelphia. Some of the work that we're doing is helping youth understand what good nutrition looks like, and to help corner stores, who are really the primary source of food in North Philadelphia, understand the kinds of things they can do to offer better food for the kids as they're coming to and from school, and to market that food, so that it's profitable for them."

The Food Trust's Night Market Means a Lot to Local Businesses

The importance of the Food Trust's Night Market to local businesses cannot be understated. Hear how it made a difference, straight from the businesspeople.


The Philadelphia Story: The Food Trust -- Building Strong Communities

In many inner-city neighborhoods, residents who want and need affordable, healthy food all too often come up short. Their options may be limited to corner stores, where it is far easier to buy potato chips and candy bars than to purchase fresh fruits or vegetables. The Food Trust is attempting to provide inducement for supermarkets to open in sections of town that they once had abandoned.

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