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For over two decades, The Food Trust's expert team of nutrition educators and farm to school specialists have taught the importance of good nutrition and physical activity to children, caregivers, teachers and individuals. In addition to working directly in schools across the region, we also teach cooking and nutrition education to adults in a variety of community settings like libraries, churches, YMCAs and rec centers. 

Now, more than ever, we know how important it is to eat healthy and stay active, so we're taking our work online! 

With schools and community sites closed, we have shifted to an entirely virtual learning model. This Online Learning Hub serves as a resource center for caregivers, families, educators and individuals, and includes original video content, healthy recipes, recommended physical activities, cooking demonstrations, shopping tips and more. The site is updated every Monday morning with fresh content to help you keep your family active and nourished during these challenging times.

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this week's featured item: Sugar Snap Peas!

This week we are featuring sugar snap peas. This simple roasted sugar snap pea recipe from Food Hero makes a healthy and satisfying side dish or a delicious vegan snack. We love these babies because they are so versatile. Plus they're sweet, so your kids will love them too - hence the word sugar in their name.

Cooking tip: Simply remove the tough string around the pod to enjoy them raw as a nutritious snack or add them to stir-fries and salads for an extra boost of sweetness. 

Did you know? Due to their vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber content, sugar snap peas may offer various health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease, improved blood pressure, improved gut health and weight loss. Find them at your local farmers market to enjoy these sweet crispy treats.

Looking for more produce tips? Check out this helpful seasonal produce guide from USDA SNAP-Ed. The guide includes recipe ideas, shopping tips and nutrition information. This week we're highlighting all things peas - a delicious treat that comes around every spring and fall. When you stop by your local grocery store or farmers market, be sure to look for local peas in the pod that are bright green, firm and almost bursting open! You can refrigerate them, unwashed, in an open plastic bag for up to 3 days.

Get in the Garden: Repurpose your scraps!

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Do you have sad, wilted celery in the back of your fridge? Don't throw it away - give your celery a new life by following ChopChop Family's guide to sprouting celery. You'll learn how to grow new stalks to use whenever you'd like!

While you're in the zero-waste zone, repurpose extra seeds by turning them into seed bombs! In this week's gardening tip of the week, our friends at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society will teach you this fun craft that will add beauty to spare patches of grass in your neighborhood.

Get Moving: Dance it out

physical activity enrichment 1

STOP! Dancing time! Put on your dancing shoes and have fun with Go Noodle. Get a great work out and have a blast moving with your family!

Want to work on your biceps next? Join Ms. Jacquie as she gets her arms moving in this week's Phys Ed video of the week!

Pick of the week: Victory Garden Reinvented!


These days, growing our own food is not just a fun activity but a great way to increase access to fresh produce and avoid extra trips to the store. Join PennState Extension Master Gardeners for their weekly webinar series on reimagining the "Victory Garden" and learn best practices to grow your own produce!

Shopping Tip of the Week!

Want to add more veggies into your diet? Check out these 10 tips from Choose MyPlate. There are lots of delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables in season right now, so visit your local farmers market to get high quality produce for a good price! If you're craving a fruit or vegetable that's not in season, consider the freezer aisle. Peak-season produce is frozen to retain flavor and nutrients, so it's a great option if you can't find something fresh!

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This material was funded by USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) through the PA Department of Human Services (DHS). This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Resource: Online Learning Hub Archive

Looking for a recipe or a fun video from a previous week? We have you covered. Click here to access our online learning archive to find what you're looking for.

Resource: Healthy Food Incentives at Your Local Grocery Store 

Do you have an ACCESS card and shop at Fresh Grocer? Did you know there are certain locations (listed below") where you can receive $2 off fresh produce for every $5 spent on fresh produce? Click HERE for more info!

Participating stores:

Fresh Grocer, 3021 Grays Ferry Ave.
Fresh Grocer, 1501 N. Broad St.
Fresh Grocer, 5301 Chew Ave.
Fresh Grocer, 5601 Chestnut St.
Cousins Fresh Market, 5704 Baltimore Ave.

Plus, there are so many ways to stretch your dollar while at the grocery store. Check out these 10 easy tips to save!


Resource: Food Access in Your Neighborhood

Find healthy food in your neighborhood with these food access resources below:

William Penn SD - School Meal distribution

Meal Distribution Sites-Philadelphia

Free Food Resources-Philadelphia

Food Emergency in Norristown

Reading Meal distribution


Resource: Farmers Markets Remaining Open to the Public

Farmers markets are essential retail businesses and will remain open during the COVID-19 crisis. Visit individual market pages below for information on individual farmers' pre-order and pre-purchase processes, as well as weekly cancellations and other updates.

Clark Park- Saturdays

Fitler Square- Saturdays

Headhouse- Sundays

Fairmount- Thursdays


Resource: Farm to Early Childhood Blog Series

Early childcare centers across the region are prioritizing children's health from a young age. Check out these stories of how daycares, preschools and other early learning sites have adapted their programming to incorporate more healthy practices into kids' daily routine.

Family Engagement & Community Resources at Lancaster Early Education Center

Brown's Family Child Care Focuses on Fiber

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