Mill Creek Farm

West Philadelphia, PA

"The PAFFFI grant is allowing Mill Creek Farm to expand its educational outreach outside the farm boundaries by assisting people grow food in their own backyards and front yards"

- Martha Griffin, Farm Administrator


Founded in 2005, Mill Creek Farm is an educational farm led by people of color. Located in the Millcreek neighborhood of West Philadelphia, the farm grows and sells fresh produce to the local community at affordable prices. Mill Creek Farm offers farm-based learning programs to both youth and adults in the community, in an effort to reconnect people with food and the environment.

Funding from the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative supported the hiring of local employees, furthering educational programs, purchasing supplies for the farm and developing marketing materials.

Mill Creek Farm pairs healthy, locally grown food with environmental activism, by offering their community fresh, affordable produce while prioritizing social justice and sustainability.

Farm Administrator: Martha Griffin

County: Philadelphia County

Region: Southeast

Geographical context: Urban

Date Funded: October 2020

Grant amount: $30,000

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