West Phillie Produce

West Philadelphia, PA

west phillie produce 3

West Phillie Produce is a community-driven produce market located in West Philadelphia, PA. The store sells fresh produce and participates in various community programs including workforce development programs, entrepreneurship training, and health and nutrition education. West Phillie Produce received a grant through the first iteration of the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative in 2009, before the store officially opened.

In 2020, West Phillie Produce re-applied to the program and received a $20,000 grant to purchase equipment including a walk-in refrigerator, a refrigerator to display healthy prepared foods, and additional tables, chairs and other equipment to keep customers safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past decade, West Phillie Produce has provided its community with healthy, fresh food and The Food Trust and the PA FFFI are proud to support this business.

Owner: Arnett Woodall

Community: West Philadelphia, PA

County: Philadelphia County

Region: Southeast

Geographical context: Urban

Date Funded: September 2020 

Grant Amount: $20,000

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