What We Do: Farm to School

Connecting children to healthy local foods

The Food Trust Solution

Farm to school connects schools and early education settings with local food producers to serve local, healthy foods in schools. This improves student nutrition, provides agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities and supports local and regional farmers.  

Farm to school programs promote one or more of the following goals:

*Providing and promoting local foods in school cafeterias

*Educating students on agriculture, food, health and nutrition

*Engaging students in hands-on leaning in outdoor spaces like school gardens

*Building a sense of community through field trips and serving local foods at businesses and organizations

The National Farm to School Network works with eight agencies nationwide to coordinate farm to school efforts in eight different regions across the country. As the National Farm to School Network’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Lead Agency, we provide a range of on-the-ground support, training and technical assistance to communities and programs in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.  The Food Trust works on the local, state, regional and national levels to implement farm to school programs and improve the nutrition of children while supporting regional agriculture.

The Food Trust also coordinates farm to preschool work in Southern New Jersey, a farm to shelter pilot program in West Philadelphia and provides ongoing support to the School District of Philadelphia’s farm to school program, as well as to a number of other school districts throughout the Delaware Valley.  We also provide training and technical assistance to communities in other parts of the United States interested in creating and implementing farm to school programs.

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