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Making Healthy Food Available to All

Since 1992, The Food Trust has been working to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food and information to make healthy decisions.

The Food Trust's comprehensive approach includes improving food environments and teaching nutrition education in schools; working with corner store owners to increase healthy offerings and helping customers make healthier choices; managing farmers markets in communities that lack access to affordable produce; and encouraging grocery store development in underserved communities.

See what The Food Trust is doing in Philadelphia and across the country to build healthier communities.

Understanding the Importance of Food Access

Everyone Deserves Access to Healthy, Affordable Food

"We know that a lot of things contribute to poor nutrition and obesity, but access is a key issue," says Dr. Giridhar Mallya. "People don't have the ability to get healthy foods in their community at an affordable price. That makes it that much harder for them to be healthy overall."

"What we're trying to do now is reinvest in these neighborhoods and bring the food businesses and other businesses back to these neighborhoods," says Yael Lehmann, executive director of The Food Trust.

"We believe that supermarket access is one piece of a comprehensive approach," Lehmann says. "While bringing in healthy food stores into neighborhoods, we also want to be teaching kids how to eat healthy in schools, we want to be having cooking demonstrations at recreation centers, running farmers markets in neighborhoods. We think that all of these things combined is what can improve the health of people and their neighborhoods."

Everyone deserves access to healthy food. Learn more about the importance of food access and find out how you can get involved.

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