Our Mission: Delicious, Nutritious Food for All

Founded in 1992, The Food Trust works with neighborhoods, institutions, retailers, farmers, and policymakers across the country to ensure delicious, nutritious food for all. Backed by three decades of research and evaluation, our holistic, community-centered approach to nutrition security weaves together three core programming elements — access, affordability and education — as well as a focus on advocating for public policy solutions. 

shared vision

Everything we do is guided by our vision for a more equitable society, where nutritious food is abundant, people of all backgrounds are nourished and prosperous, and communities are thriving.

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Shared Values

Passion & Purpose

We are driven by our belief that nutritious food is a human right, and that eating well is an essential part of good health and happiness.

Collaboration & Innovation

We are committed to amplifying communities’ collective resources, and co-creating and advocating for adaptable, sustainable, creative solutions to big problems.

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to create spaces where people of all races, genders, ages, religions, identities and experiences are welcome, and all perspectives are valued.

Responsibility & Learning

We listen and learn as we go, and we are accountable to the communities we serve.

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The Food Trust – founded in 1992 and previously known as The Farmers’ Market Trust, an off-shoot of Philadelphia’s venerable Reading Terminal Market – began with one farmers market at Tasker Homes, a public housing development in South Philadelphia. Once a week, with the help of the Tasker Homes Tenant Council, we set up one long table overflowing with produce. It was the only source of fresh fruits and vegetables in the community. “People hadn’t seen that kind of quality produce in their neighborhood before,” The Food Trust founder Duane Perry recalls.

In the three decades since the opening of the Tasker Homes market, The Food Trust has worked with neighborhoods, schools, grocers, farmers and policymakers in Philadelphia and across the country to ensure that nutritious food is available and affordable to all. Together, we’ve brought supermarkets to communities that have gone decades without one. We’ve helped corner store owners introduce fresh produce, dairy and whole grains. We’ve taken soda and junk food out of schools, and we’ve taught students to appreciate foods like apples and cherry tomatoes. We've empowered communities through nutrition incentives, and taught nutrition education to everyone from preschoolers to seniors and everyone in between.

Together, we can ensure that no one has to choose between eating healthy and eating enough.

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