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Healthy food financing

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HFFI Impacts: The Nationwide Success of Healthy Food Financing Initiatives, A Proven, Economically Sustainable Solution

Healthy Food Financing Initiatives (HFFI) are the proven and economically sustainable solution to the lack of fresh food access in lower-income, underserved communities. Created with support from Voices for Healthy Kids, this report provides champions, allies and stakeholders with the background, data and resources to demonstrate the impact and success of healthy food financing efforts. 

Healthy food retail

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The Food Trust's Heart Smarts Toolkit: Shop Smart for a Healthy Heart

The Heart Smarts program brings nutrition education, health care, social services and increased food access into the local corner or grocery store. This toolkit, created with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, aims to guide practitioners through all aspects of the Heart Smarts program, from identifying stores and developing partnerships to implementing core program components and evaluating outcomes.

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