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Shoppers who use SNAP get more for their money with Food Bucks! Earn Food Bucks at a location near you.

What are Food Bucks?

Food Bucks are:

  • Redeemable for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Usually earned through SNAP transactions

  • Available and redeemable in the greater Philadelphia area (see above map), Reading, Central PA and Western PA

Food Bucks are intended to:

  • Make fresh produce more affordable for shoppers paying with SNAP
  • Support local farmers and other small businesses
  • Increase demand for fresh produce in historically under-resourced neighborhoods
  • Reduce unequal access caused by racism and other injustices in our food system

Please note: The large, colorful $2 Food Bucks coupon shown below can be used at the sites indicated by leaf and veggie face pins on the map above. The sites indicated with shopping carts have separate Food Bucks coupons.

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Need help figuring out Food Bucks?

For Eastern Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia), South Jersey and Central Pennsylvania, contact Gwen Ockenlaender (, 215-383-5438).

For Philadelphia Farmers Markets, contact Meghan Filoromo (, 215-383-2109).

For Western Pennsylvania (including Pittsburgh), contact Emily Schmidlapp (, 215-575-0444, ext. 5178).

Looking for recipe, shopping, or storage tips to make the most of your fresh produce?

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Click here to learn more about Food Bucks Rx redemption sites.

More Information

More about Food Bucks

The Food Trust has worked to provide people with access to fresh, nutritious, affordable foods in their own communities for over two decades. Millions of households nationwide receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits (formerly known as food stamps), which can be used at many types of food retailers, but often, the most nutritious items — fresh fruits and vegetables — remain too expensive for many shoppers to afford. The Food Trust seeks to address that inequity and enable shoppers to purchase the foods that support good health at their local farmers markets, supermarkets, and corner stores.

Farmers Markets

In 2010, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and The Food Trust launched the Philly Food Bucks program. This healthy food incentive program encourages shoppers using SNAP to use their benefits to purchase fresh, local produce at participating farmers markets throughout the city. Today, Food Bucks are available at farmers markets statewide.

For every $5 spent using SNAP at participating markets, shoppers receive a $2 Food Bucks coupon for fresh fruits and vegetables, increasing their purchasing power by 40%. Since the introduction of Philly Food Bucks, SNAP sales at The Food Trust's farmers markets have increased by more than 300%. This additional revenue directly contributes to the sustainability of local agriculture by increasing direct purchasing from regional farmers.

Looking for a farmers market near you that offers Food Bucks? The Food Bucks program is available to all shoppers using SNAP, and Food Bucks can be earned at The Food Trust's farmers markets and community partner markets. For the Philadelphia area, check out for current market hours and our brochure. For Reading, Pittsburgh and Western PA, click the link for your region. Learn more about Food Bucks in Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian

Are you a farmers market, corner store or supermarket interested in offering Food Bucks to shoppers paying with SNAP? Please reach out to our Food Bucks team at for more information.

Supermarkets and Corner Stores

With funding provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through its Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP), and with the support of local partners, The Food Trust is working to expand the Food Bucks program into a statewide initiative in a variety of retail settings. This program aims to not only increase fresh produce purchases but also benefit local healthy food venues and growers by increasing the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Food Trust has partnered with a variety of independent corner stores and full-service supermarkets in the greater Philadelphia area (see map at top), Central PA (link to new Central PA page) and Western PA. For more information and retailer-specific details, please follow the relevant link and click on the map pins.

Community Food Bucks

Community Food Bucks are Food Bucks distributed directly by community organizations to the residents they serve. Community groups working in Philadelphia with SNAP-eligible populations can apply to distribute Food Bucks by filling out the Application for Community Distribution.

Groups working in Western Pennsylvania can contact Emily Schmidlapp (, 215-575-0444, ext. 5178). Groups working in Central PA and Camden, NJ, can contact Gwen Ockenlaender (, 215-383-5438).

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