Introducing: The Food Bucks Rx Card

Thanks for enrolling in the Food Bucks Rx Card program in partnership with local healthcare providers! For questions regarding the program, contact Sol Moure at or call 412-404-6487. To check your balance or report issues with the card, call 1-888-682-2400 or visit

For retail locations where you can use your Rx Card for fresh fruits and vegetables, see the map below:

UPDATE (8/7/2023):

Reminder: August is the last month to use your card’s benefits!

Cards can now be used at Fresh Access Farmers Markets! Check out the map below to find the
participating farmer market closest to you. Also, note that in order to use the card there, you will have
to go first to the Fresh Access tent to swipe your Food Bucks Rx card and get paper vouchers that you
can then use to purchase fruits and vegetables directly with the vendors. The paper vouchers come in
increments of $10 dollars and no change is given.

Cards can now be used at Walmart to purchase produce. All Walmart supermarkets will accept the
cards, even if they do not appear in the map below.

The issue of some eligible items not scanning at Giant Eagle has been fixed. You should be able to use
the card to purchase produce regardless of it being priced by weight or item.

What can I buy using my Food Bucks Rx Card?

You can use this card to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Tip: This includes pre-chopped, bagged vegetables and fruits without any added ingredients.

Ineligible items include fruit juice, salad kits with dressings or other items with added salt, sugar or oil.

Do I need to activate my card?

There is no need to activate the cards. The cards are active and ready to use when you receive them. The phone number on the card is to check your balance. It will ask for the card number and a member ID. The member ID is the 10-digit phone number you provided when enrolling (with area code).

How do I use my Food Bucks Rx Card?

To use the OTC card, swipe your card and choose “credit” (if you run it as debit, you will be prompted to insert a PIN number, which you do not have). If the cashier is unfamiliar with this type of card, you can point out the ‘OTC’ symbol on it, which will be an option on the cash register. Eligible items up to your available balance amount will be deducted.

How do I get a Food Bucks Rx Card “refill”?

Your benefits will reload automatically on the 1st of each month for as long as you are enrolled in the Food Bucks Rx program. Any unused benefits do not roll over to the next month; your card will reload to the same amount every time.

How do I know what my card balance is?

To check your balance visit or call 1-888-682-2400.

The Food Trust also administers the Food Bucks program for shoppers using SNAP benefits; for more information, click here.

For the Philadelphia area, check out for current market hours and our brochure. For ReadingPittsburgh and Western PA, click the link for your region.

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